Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just Like Starting Over

I've reconsidered the whole sonnet crown idea. Given that I'm irresistibly drawn toward turning everything into a narrative, a sonnet crown ain't the best form. So I'm going to take each one of these triads and build a narrative on them, using Byronic ottava rima. It's a more narrative form. And with Byron as my model, I'll be able to get away with outrageous rhymes.

               Bob Southey! You're a poet--Poet-laureate,
                 And representative of all the race;
               Although 'tis true that you turn'd out a Tory at
                 Last--yours has lately been a common case;

So here's the list of words that I've been saddled with by Facebook friends...or I thought they were friends. The first canto of "Don Jack" begins in my next post.

Capital, domino, long

Defenestration, Llama, Trebuchet

foreskin, Chaplain, demagogue

lipstick, ambulance, flour

Lexis, Foreclosure, Gout

Higs, cereal, bedspread

Ready, aim, file

Monkey. Pulchritude. Segway.

pterodactyl, wicker, metadata

Leonardesque, flamen, adumbration

 cupid, water, massage

Insects, musk, flag.

Albuminous, Recalcitrant, Plumply

tiddliwinks, tutelage, babble.

Asgaard, flea, traffic

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