Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crown of sonnets: I

My challenge, on Facebook:  

Mike Snider did this a while back. and it worked for him, so I'm trying it now. And Steve Allen used to it with musical notes. So...anyone...give me three words, and I'll write a poem around them. 

On reflection -- if you can call it that -- I decided to go for a crown of sonnets, using the three-word groupings in order. This one uses domino, capital and long. Next up -- and therefore worked into the hook line for the crown of sonnets: Defenestration, Llama, Trebuchet.

She wore a purple satin domino
She clasped around her tightly like a shawl,
And crimson slippers--anything but common, though
She scuffed them casually--and that was all.

Among a throng of revelers at the capital,
She danced a rivulet of flame -- unique
Even within a crowd turned out for Carneval;
He trailed behind her, costumed as a sheik.

With half a chance, into her tent he'd creep.
Rebuffed, he'd lay a siege -- no need to ask.
He'd marshal all his troops, he'd spread the net,
No wall too long for him, no moat too deep,
An armory well suited for the task,
Crossbow and catapult and trebuchet.

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