Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Don Jack I and II


She wore a purple satin domino
   --She'd wrapped it round her tightly, like a shawl --
And crimson slippers, anything but common, though
   She scuffed them carelessly -- and that was all.
A breeze let just a glimpse of her abdomen show;
   He cast a sidelong glance. He was in thrall.
Around the capital, a throng in revelry;
Jack stood apart, his mind intent on devilry.


Her father planned to keep her chaste: he'd set
   A labyrinth of snares, locks bolted fast,
Stored crossbows, catapult and trebuchet,
   A crocodile-stocked moat. If any passed,
Defenestration from a parapet,
   Impressment, and two years before the mast.
Jack wove a rope with strands of llama's hair,
Attached a grappling hook: tonight he'd dare.


bluepisces said...

Very coolpost Tad!!!

Tad Richards said...

Wow, I'd forgotten about Don Jack -- maybe I need to pick it up again.