Monday, June 16, 2008


Opus 40 and this blog are supporting Safety Checkers, a new organization founded by my grandson, Arick Manocha (7) and his friend Sirina Wiley (11), to encourage awareness of seat belt safety.

They've been selling fresh squeezed lemonade to raise money to get their organization started, and this weekend they were at the Grand Union parking lot in Saugerties to join a Seat Belt Safety Awareness program that unfortunately had been called off, but they sold their lemonade and gave out their Sit - Click - Drive stickers.

Check out their website --

Jon Richards on Tim Russert

First Graders at Opus 40

Here are some photos from today's visit by first graders at the Woodstock Elementary School to Opus 40.

They will be building their own Opus One in their garden at school, and we'll be invited to its grand opening.

But sometimes even a great work of art can be upstaged by a Baltimore Oriole...


...a puppy.