Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vanaver Caravan at Opus 40

Vanaver Caravan performed at Opus 40 yesterday (Saturday, Sept. 9) in a program partly on the sculpture, partly on the lawn. For the first part, the audience followed the performers around the sculpture, I came up from getting the parking lot organized and joined the throng a few minutes late, so it took a minute or so after that to get my bearings, but then I began to realize just how beautiful and exquisitely choreographed the program was. Three instrumentalists, led by Bill Vanaver and Fode Sissoko, led the gathering, and dancers with white banners directed the movement and attention of the audience to one soloist or ensemble after another, all at different points on the quarry. The dancers, and especially the choreography, captured and unlocked the rhythm in the stones, and the result was a wonderful artistic enhancement of the sculpture. I have some photos here, and will post more when I get them from the Vanavers.

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