Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Minutes of the Last Meeting

I used to give an assignment -- eavesdrop on conversations, and write down anything that you hear someone say in iambic pentameter. The purpose was to get poetry students away from the idea that metrical poetry has to be forced, or singsongy. I would tell them, at first this will seem impossible, but once you start hearing them, you'll hear them everywhere, and the real problem will become how to turn it off. Your girlfriend tells you, "I slept with your best friend the other night," and your response is, "That's great!" "It is?" "Yes, it's iambic pentameter!"

Anyway, one of the first times I gave this assignment, I decided to do it myself during a faculty meeting. I mean, you have to do something during a faculty meeting, don't you, to avoid going bonkers with boredom? So I started writing down lines, and pretty soon I had two pages of a notebook filled, and...I realized...a poem about academic life.

So here it is.

It wouldn't interfere with what we do;
I couldn't really poll the entire group.
Very, very briefly, here's the plan--
Elect the chairs of two committees first
(Able to run for these positions first)
Who'll want to lead the faculty towards greatness.
Within the AAC or SAC,
At least two people -- one is not enough
The faculty at large will vote for chairs,
The AAC, I find, now having done it.
The AAC, last Monday, voted no
Selected by the faculty at large
And they pick someone who they think can lead.
Maybe the better thing would be to keep
We have to somehow pull it all together.
Did everyone get a chance to sign the sheet?

There are seven searches underway
From a variety of different fields --
I know Im getting questions all the time.
Its not as academic a position,
The college writing program and the core.
There is the dean search, which is underway
A lot of applications were dismissed
This selection didnt represent --
I dont know anything about the search --
Is uppermost in everybodys mind --
And in the end, of course, its Artines choice.

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