Sunday, February 03, 2013

Spotify 101

Someone needs to teach a course on how to find things on Spotify. Just because you don't find it,it doesn't mean it's not there.Researching my Godcild thread, I discovered a mention of a big band version, by Chubby Jackson from 1948. I checked -- you can't find this on YouTube, but you can on Spotify with great difficulty. A search on "Chubby Jackson" doesn't work, nor does a search on "Godchild. But if you enter "Chubby Jackson Godchild" you can find it.

It's listed as being on an album called "New York Scene in the 40's," but if you try searching for it on Spotify's search engine, you won't find it. Spotify's search engine doesn't seem to find anything with an apostrophe. So maybe just "New York Scene"? Uh-uh. It seems the only way to find it is to click through from "Chubby Jackson Godchild."

But once you get there -- what a wonderful album! Here's the track list:

1    Epistrophy - Cootie Williams
2    I Can't Get Started See All - Dizzy Gillespie
3    Good Bait - Dizzy Gillespie
4    Double Date - Metronome All-Stars
5    No Figs- Metronome All-Stars   
6    Yardbird Suite - Claude Thornhill
7    Donna Lee  - Claude Thornhill
8    Anthropology  - Claude Thornhill
9    Tiny's blues - Chubby Jackson
10    Father Knickerbopper - Chubby Jackson
11    Godchild - Chubby Jackson
12    All Wrong - Chubby Jackson
13    Nice Work If You Can Get It - Sarah Vaughan   
14    Mean To Me  - Sarah Vaughan
15    It Might As Well Be Spring  - Sarah Vaughan
16    Ain't Misbehavin' - Sarah Vaughan

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