Saturday, February 25, 2012

Descort: Dupree Variations

Here's the complete descort, composed for Lewis Turco as an example of the descort for the fourth edition of The Book of Forms.


Betty told Dupree she wanted a diamond ring
Betty told Dupree, I want a diamond ring
Dupree told Betty,  I’d buy you most anything

Just sleep
little Betty
see what tomorrow brings
Go to sleep my little Betty
see what tomorrow brings
Now it’s only

If history and legend have it right,
A man will risk it all to please a mistress.
We know from witnesses that Dupree’s night
Was fueled by coke and weed; his mood was listless,
Then near berserk; at last, by early light
His eyes were bloodshot and his hands were restless.
His mind was fixed. He took a .44,
To get that ring, he’d rob a jewelry store.

His mind was fixed. He took a .44,
The frame was cool and dry; the grip was warm.
To get that ring, he’d rob a jewelry store.

No use to try and hold him back—the door
Clicked softly shut behind him. Like a charm
Or talisman, he held his .44.

You knew that this would be a night for gore.
He smashed the glass with gun and bloodied arm,
And blindly crashed into the jewelry store.

He scarcely seemed to care what lay in store,
And, heedless that he’d triggered the alarm
He grabbed the ring, and waved his .44.

He killed two cops, and wounded several more.
Then, weary in his soul, and sick of harm,
Threw down the ring, and fled the jewelry store.

The law all vowed they'd even up the score.
Dupree beat west, and hid out on a farm
With no companion but the .44
And stalked by nightmares of the jewelry store.

Sheriffs and troopers and Highway Patrol,
Squad car and motorbike, horseman and hound,
Chasing Dupree like a fox to its hole,
Bloodlust won't cease till they run him aground.
Radio says that Dupree has been found,
Betty just listens and says a soft prayer,

Bull horns bark orders and SWAT teams surround,
Dupree walks out with his hands in the air.

Betty asked the sheriff, where will they take Dupree?
Sheriff said Your man's gone down to Atlanta jail.
Betty went to visit, his face she could not see,
They said Your man killed cops, you cannot go his bail.
Oh, please, Mr. Jailer, give him this note for me.

Sail on,
Dupree, sail on.
I don't know where you're bound,
just wish it didn't have to be
so long.

Exigeses of the individual verses to be continued.

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