Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tad's Night With the Language Thieves Blog

I've changed the name of this blog. I started it to post news and commentary about Opus 40, and various other odds and ends, but the other odds and ends have pretty much taken it over, and I've mostly moved the Opus 40 stuff to its Facebook page.

I know not everyone has Facebook, but not everyone reads this blog, either -- Opus 40 has close to a thousand FB followers, and my blog...well, less.

I've steadfastly eschewed politics in this space as long as it had Opus 40 in it, but I may include a political post or two now that it's just mine. I have mixed feelings about that, and perhaps I'll still mostly stay away from the political arena. I will post links to my brother Jon's HuffPost cartoons.

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Dano said...

Shared on FB! My email for you at Opus 40 no longer works. Do you have another one?