Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Don't bother

Paths of Glory Paths of Glory by Jeffrey Archer

My rating: 1 of 5 stars
Can you give zero stars? That's what I'd prefer to. I found nothing to like about this book. There's no characterization at all. The minor characters are virtually nonexistent, and the one major character is cardboard. The historical background is shallow; the plot drags, the mountaineering stuff gives no insight. And did nobody tell Jeffrey Archer that "Paths of Glory" has already been used as the title for a great Stanley Kubrick movie, a twentieth century masterpiece?

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melissashook said...

Hi Tad, thanks for your response on my blog...Donald Finkle was remarkable...one of the things we talked about is how invisible a person was if he or she was wearing odd clothing, a cloak, how easy it was for more conventional people not to look at the person beneath the costume... I found remarkable. Though there was no getting to me in those years. I'm pretty sure that he left Bard after that year, but I could be wrong.
I loved Harvey Fite's studio...the low windows looking out toward the feet and legs of people walking by. I knew nothing about his sculpture work. He must have been very modest since he never spoke of this in class....

Tad Richards said...

Melissa -- that's something I didn't know about Harvey, since I never took a course with him -- but I guess I've pretty much followed in his footsteps in that regard -- I don't talk about my work in my classes either, and on those few occasions that I do, it feels wrong.
I hope you will come and visit Opus 40 someday.