Saturday, August 18, 2007

RIP Max Roach

RIP Max Roach, great artist, Founding Father of bebop.

My most potent memory: I heard Max play in a club in New York in 1977. It was right after Paul Desmond had died, and Max did a tribute to him that he called "Five for Paul." It was an unaccompanied drum version of "Take Five," and it was mesmerizing.

Peter Jones and I were wondering, who's left now who played with Bird, or at least recorded with Bird? There aren’t many, but here are the names I came up with:

Roy Haynes
Dr. Billy Taylor

And here's a surprise. Not that he's still alive, but that he played with Bird:

Dave McKenna

Bird did an album with Woody Herman, something else I never knew, called Bird With the Herd, and McKenna was on the date.

Anyone got any more?

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