Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Growth

One of the most life-affirming moments in the movies comes in the otherwise-grim Ingmar Bergman classic, The Seventh Seal. An actor, who is resting for the night in the sanctuary of a tree, looks below to find Death sawing the tree down. He pleads, to no avail. His engagements have been cancelled, his contracts have been annulled. The tree crashes to the ground, and as the echoes of the crash still float on the air, a tiny squirrel scampers up onto the stump.

No squirrel here, but our masterful grounds and landscaping guy, planting a new tree where the old one grew. John scoured nurseries from here to Albany to find just the right tree -- about six fee tall, healthy enough to grow strong, slightly flattened on the side that faces the path. bushy out over the water. As time goes on, he'll prune it from the bottom so that it grows tall rather than wide.

Here's the new tree going into the ground.

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