Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thrusting Metaphors

From the NY Times:

Edward Albee likes to tell about the time when, at 18, having fled his adoptive parents’ stiflingly conservative household to begin a more expansive self-education in Greenwich Village, he knocked on W. H. Auden’s door. Mr. Albee, frequently referred to as America’s greatest living playwright, thought himself a poet then.

“I thrust my poems in his hand and said, ‘I’ll be back in a week,’ and then I ran,” he recalled. “A week later I showed up, and he invited me in. He spent two hours talking about my poems.”

And from Comedy Central, this battle of metaphors between Stephen Colbert and Sean Penn, with Robert Pinsky playing the role of game show host.

This is the funniest poetry bit on TV since LA Law's "Poetry Expo" show, which featured Mamie Van Doren reading "Howl." Unfortunately, this does not seem to have been preserved on YouTube.

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