Friday, September 29, 2006

OK, Who Else Reads This Blog?

After Opus 40 and Microsoft Paint art, we have:

    Bly Richards

  • Someone looking for Robert Bly and me? That can't be. And apparently, it wasn't. Both "Bly Richards" hits (one from Virginia and one from Florida) stayed on my site for zero seconds.

  • What could they have actually been looking for? Aha! Actually I'm fourth on the "Bly Richards" Google page, but the first three belong to a dancer named Bly Richards, "the winner of the reality dance show Bump'n'Grind II which aired on Trouble TV in May, 2006." Bly's measurements are listed as 34-30-32, and she wears a size 8 shoe. Wait... Bly's a he. But you gotta figure he can bump and grind.

    Nude wives

  • With all the nude wife sites out there, they ended up on my blog? Has to have been a mistake, and sure enough, it is. Zero seconds. The weird thing is, there are two "Nude Wives" hits in two consecutive days, both from British Columbia. Did the guy forget what a washout I was the first day?

  • I'm on page 2 of Google's search.

    if i had a girl and she dance
  • This goes to my post about square dancing at Wilgus's. I'm guessing I have a shot at this one...the person really was looking for an old square dance call?

  • Nope. Another zero seconds. What could this searcher actually have been looking for? It's hard to figure it out, but the most popular result seems to be an altogether different song lyric, probably not square danced to all that much:

  • If I had a girl and she was mine I'd paint her tits with iodine...

    what does memories of west street and lepke poetry mean?

  • Zero seconds, and although it would be nice if someone would stop and read me for at least a second or two, I'm just as glad not to be lingered over here, by some guy who can't figure out what "Memories of West Street and Lepke" is all about, and wants someone else to write his paper for him. "What does poem X mean?" is the wrong question, anyway.

    Famous poems about first kiss

  • I guess my student's wasn't famous enough. Or maybe this searcher didn't like poems with bats in them. But it was better than this one, from near the top of the list: "For each moment which passes, I will forever remember the first kiss, the first time our lips touched and ..."

    the plantation by george mcneill
  • No seconds. This person was probably looking for the book, and more power to old friend George deserves to be read.

    subtle power of language
  • seconds. You'd think someone would want to find out what I thought about the subtle power of language.

So...does anyone ever read my blog? My visitor's pie chart says 75% no, which means that the glass is one quarter full...25% at least glance at it.

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